Alan O. Baum, Farm Operations Consultant (Former Project Director)

Mr. Baum has been employed by Morrell Agro Industries since December 2009 and served as the Project Director over farm operations in Ethiopia until the end of 2010. He was instrumental in directing the initial phase of operations at Beltu. This included the aspects of hiring, clearing and breaking ground, and determining equipment, supplies, and practices needed. Prior to this he had been actively involved, since a child, in his own family farming business in Ashton, ID. He has over 40 years experience farming wheat, barley, potatoes, alfalfa, peas, canola, mustard, and mint. He also owns and operates a custom farming business, which provides professional services of fertilizing and seeding grains and forage to farmers throughout southern Idaho. His education includes two years of classes in crop consulting at Idaho State University and Ricks College. He went on to earn a BS degree in Agricultural Business from Utah State University. His community activities include service on the water canal board, county seed potato board, Farm Bureau county and state committees, and activities relating to his church.

Along with his wife Shelley, Mr. Baum embarked on what they refer to as “the opportunity of a lifetime; adventure, service, and working in a foreign country experiencing a different culture.” He is currently active as a consultant and travels to Ethiopia periodically. Along with other MAI employees, he is working on the development of a farm that grows drought resistant wheat seed and introducing American farming practices and equipment to Ethiopia.

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