Lonny J. Ward, Livestock and Dairy Consultant

Mr. Ward has served as Dairy Project Director of Morrell Agro Industries since June 2009. In 2010 he started his own consulting business, Lonny Ward Consulting, and is currently a part-time Consultant for MAI. In February he and his wife set up Endowed Prosperity, a networking and educational website for people working in developing countries.

Prior to joining MAI, he was the Assistant to the President of Ag Reserves Inc., a multi-billion dollar international agriculture company. Prior to this, he was the Support Services Manager for Elberta Valley Ag, a 4000-cow, 2500-acre dairy farm, Manager of the Brigham Young University Dairy, Adjunct Professor for the BYU College of Biology and Agriculture, and Manager of the Elberta Dairy and Heifer Breeding facility in Elberta, Utah. Mr. Ward has been involved in projects on the cutting edge of bovine and equine embryo transfer since 1995, including the collection, transfer, and gender identification of thousands of embryos at five large dairies. He has an MBA degree from the BYU Marriot School of Business, an MS degree in Reproductive Physiology, and a BS in Molecular Biology from the BYU College of Biology & Agriculture.

Mr. Ward was hired by MAI to build a state-of-the-art dairy and a butter and cheese factory in Kokosa, Ethiopia. Having never been away from his family for more than a couple days here and there, “To think about being gone so much, that was kind of a challenge,” but Lonny and his wife Erica felt that it was exactly what he needed to be doing at the time.

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  1. Erika Ward says:

    Great job on this bio! Even though I’ve been following the project from the beginning, I learned some new things from this thorough treatment of the subject. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Erika Ward says:

    For more details on Lonny’s part of the project, see our blog:

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