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Morrell Family Charities (MFC) is involved in various philanthropic projects throughout the world. We started in Peru in 2004 and have reached out to various areas in South America, Central America, Russia, Samoa, Ethiopia, Uganda, and here in the United States and are continuing our reach into additional countries. Our biggest projects include the construction of an Orphanage in Ecuador through a partnership with Orphanage Support Organization (OSSO) and Todos Los Ninos, an alliance with Not For Sale that is building a safe house for kids on the streets in Peru, and we have teamed up with Village of Hope in Ethiopia to instigate modern day techniques in dry farming, scientific breeding, and food storage.

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  1. What a progress!

    I worked as an agricultural engineer in various development projects over a twelve year period (Zambia, Peru and Kenya) and must say that I am highly impressed.

    Where can I learn more about the work that you do in Central and South America?

    Thank you for your assistance and keep up the good work.

    With kind regards,

    Case Dorresteyn

  2. bisrat alemayehu says:


    thank you for the great work you are doing in Ethiopia.
    Please provide us information( e-mail and tel # in US and Ethiopia) and contact persons to learn more about what you do ( MAI PLC) for possile cooperation.

    Thank you
    Bis Alemayehu
    Minnesota US

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