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MAI Office Building

MAI Office Building

A new office building was renovated for employees of Morrell Agro Industries in Addis Ababa, in an effort to get all staff members together under one roof. The building is four floors, of which MAI is leasing the top two for company use.

Carpets, phone systems, and IT hardware were installed during the last week of May, 2010. A final inspection by the contractors was also completed. They released the building to allow the carpets to be laid.

MAI employees were able to move into the building as soon as these installations were completed, and it is a great advantage to the company to have everyone working together in one location.

Reception Area

The MAI head office in Addis Ababa is now fully operational. Construction on the building was completed and scaffolding was removed the last week of February, 2011.

Staff in the MAI Logistics Department continues to perform their day-to-day duties and excel in its endeavor to bring the office to a competent level, with skilled man power and an efficient work environment. Accordingly, the main office has completed most of its internal work and has become both a professional environment as well as a welcoming nest for both employees and guests.

Newly Opened French Restaurant

In addition, the renovation of the CMC guest house is finalized. And, in order to minimize the water shortage of both the guest house and the main office, water tanks have been upgraded to a higher capacity. But, the most important task of the Facility Department was to upgrade the office generator with a heavy duty silent one, in order to have a continuous power supply to accommodate both the office and the newly welcomed restaurant in the building. A French restaurant is located in the ground floor of the main office, and it complements MAI with a casual sophisticated environment.

The Special Operations Department continues to acquire the needed information and data on major expansions and projects, while the Transportation Department continues to supply transportation of goods and people to and from different places. The department staff has run the staff travel fleet with excellence.

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