Abera Chala, Project Director, Kokosa Dairy Farm

Prior to joining Morrell Agro Industries (MAI) as Project Director, Abera worked for the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in the Oromia Regional Bureau of Agriculture, in various agricultural development activities. He is trained in agriculture and has been involved in various research and development projects in the areas of vegetable, fruit variety, FTC research, and dry farming. He has a BA degree in Business Management and diplomas in Animal Science and Computer Science. He was trained by USAID in sheep and goat breeding at the Adami Tulu Animal Research Center.

Abera is currently a Project Director for the MAI Kokosa Diary Farm project and a Langano trainer. He is a very hard worker, and he continually wants to learn from the American MAI staff. He has been trained to work with the cattle in Kokosa, and he has worked in the labs searching for embryos under a microscope. Lonny Ward said, “He’s not satisfied with a good job and a good education. And, he’s just aggressive in all his learning. Sometimes too aggressive, but that’s why I like him.”

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