About Ethiopia

Envision a land that ranges from deserts to tropical forests, highlands to lowlands, and mountains to bushy plains. It possesses some of Africa’s highest mountains and some of the world’s lowest points below sea-level. This is Ethiopia. Seventy-nine million people live in this land of contrasts. While some Ethiopians reside in the crowded cities, most are rural farmers scattered throughout the country in small villages. The country is landlocked in the northeastern horn of Africa. Near the Red Sea, it is bordered by Sudan on the west, Somalia on the east, and Kenya on the south.

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  1. Gayle Brown says:

    How many kids are in the schools? Are the young ones seperated from the older kids? What is the orfanage population? can you write one or two of the most popular Ethiopian recipes, and list a “staples” list so I can get a better idea? Show me the way the calandar is divided into 13 months.

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